Friday, April 8, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 8 ~ DIY Peacock Feather Earrings

I have been seeing peacock feather earrings everywhere.  And as much as I love them, I am not going to drop $25 or even $5 on them when I can make my own for so much cheaper!  I picked these feathers up at Hobby Lobby the other night for $2.29, and had everything else at home.  PS - these came with a clear loop attached to the plume already - GENIUS!
  • Peacock feathers (with the loop attached is ideal)
  • 2 earring hooks
  • Chain (optional)
  • Jewelry pliers 
Lay the chain next to your feather to determine how long you would like it to be.  I just wanted mine long enough to "cover" the plume.  Use your jewelry plier to separate a link, remove the remainder of the chain, and re-close the link.  Repeat for the other feather.
Here's what you should have, but doubled :)
Using your jewelry pliers, open the loop at the bottom of the earring hook and slide on your chain and feather; close the loop.  Repeat for the other earring.
And there you have it!!  For a little over $2 and about 5 minutes of your time, you can now rock peacock feather earrings, a must-have spring and summer accessory! 



  1. These are one of my faves so far! So gorgeous- can't believe it cost just $2 to make these- AWESOME!!!

  2. Thank you!!! Super easy too, you could totally make these no doubt!


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