Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 17 ~ Springy Punchy Flowery Placemats

My dining room table has seen better days.  There's paint from Bella's paint-your-own-teaset that she had, which unfortunately doesn't come off.  Alas, I've just learned to pretend it's not there.  I suppose that there's a sort of zen-ish look with the bamboo placemats and the organic decorations.  But it's not really fun

I found these great woven placemats at Dollar Tree yesterday, and decided to spruce them up too! 
  • 4 different colored placemats
  • 1 bunch of faux daisies
  • 1 bunch of faux gerbera daisies
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • Glue gun and extra glue sticks
If the stems right under each flower are wired, use the wire cutters.  Else use scissors and snip them off.
Then snip the stem down as far as possible to the flower base.
This was as good as I could get, and it worked perfectly.
After doing the same for the large daisies, here's what I had.
Lay out the flowers on each placemat how you like them.  I decided on this, since there would still be space for the placemat to still be functional.
Apply hot glue to the plastic area of each daisy and press them down in their place.
Remove the plastic from the bottom of the larger daisies, and then snip the excess stem.  Apply glue to the center area, where the plastic that you removed would be, then press the daisy in place.
And here's the final result!  I added a vase of faux brightly colored daisies to the center of the table, and for aesthetics, added these hibiscus flower plates.  I clearly need to get some fun summery place settings now!
What do you think of the easy transformation?  I love it, and think it adds a major impact to my dining room.  (Please ignore the mess that is my kitchen)  It's great how a simple accessory can make an outfit, the same way one can make a room! 



  1. This is so perfect for spring (and summer)! It reminds me of something Sandra Lee would do on Semi-Homemade! Great work- it does make a big difference!

  2. Funny, because I was gonna say exactly what Tara did: perfect for spring (and summer)! It changed the whole dining room look.

  3. Soo cute...and quick n easy!! My kind of project!


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