Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY ~ Glam Cat Ear Headband

Hi lovelies!  I've been meaning to share this DIY for a while.  This is so fun, cute and easy.  Not only that, but it's super fun to wear!  {Click for the how-to!}

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My January PopSugar Must Have Box ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  Today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite monthly treats - the PopSugar Must Have Box!  In case you're not familiar with PopSugar Must Have, for $39.95 a month, you'll get an exciting monthly box, full of fun, hand-selected items from PopSugar's editors. Each box includes a variety of full-size products worth over $100. {Click to see more!}

Saturday, January 25, 2014

DiGiorno Pizza ~ The Perfect #GameTimeGoodies for the Big Game!

Hi lovelies!  With football season nearing its end, the Big Game is right around the corner!  Last week, we had a little mini-shindig for the Denver game. Living in Denver, it's great to see the local team doing so well; however, I was born in raised in Rhode Island, so I'm a die-hard New England fan :)  Sadly the game didn't have the ending I wished for, but it was so fun to watch!  For our mini-party, I wanted something fun and easy that we could snack on without me slaving in the kitchen all afternoon.

The same can be said for the Big Game next week!  Delivery will take hours, so instead make it easier (and cheaper!) by heading to Walmart to grab a couple DiGiorno Pizza where it's on rollback for $4.50!  This way you can get more and spend less!

These pizzas are so thick and look so much better than anything I get delivered!

We kept the spread simple, adding some fun touches in my team's colors, and had some small snacks too.

Clearly, it was a huge hit for all of us!  The kids wolfed it down, and there was nothing left!

So if you're looking for some inexpensive, delicious pizzas for your game-time party, head to Walmart and grab a couple DiGiorno pizzas!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Obsessed ~ Forever 21 Lovely Heart Necklace

Hi lovelies!  After I shared my F21 Lips pendant as a recent obsession the other day, it got me thinking about more affordable recent purchases I've made, and from time to time, I'd love to share them with you!  Today we are inspired by Lanvin's amazing, ornate LOVE pendants.  While not exact, Forever 21 has a beautiful inspired by piece that I picked up a few weeks ago.  I've worn it quite a few times and love how versatile it is.  At only $10.80, it's an absolute steal!  Hurry over and grab one while you can!


My January Beauty Box 5 ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  This is now my third Beauty Box 5, and it's so fun. Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5 cosmetic samples to your door for $12 a month. {Click to see what I got!}

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My January Ipsy Glam Bag ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  Today I'm sharing my January Ipsy Glam Bag, and it was a good one!  If you haven't heard of Ipsy, it's similar to the other beauty subscription boxes, it costs only $10 a month, and you get a makeup bag too! {Click to see what was inside!}

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My January Birchbox ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  I love this time of the month, when all of my monthly subscription boxes come in!  First up I'm going to share my January Birchbox!  If you're not familiar, subscribe to Birchbox for only $10 a month and get handpicked beauty and lifestyle samples delivered to your door free! {Click to see what I got!}

Obsessed ~ Forever 21 Kisses & Pearls Necklace

Hi lovelies!  I had to share with you this amazing find from Forever 21!  I posted it on Instagram yesterday, and since it's such a steal (and a stellar Lulu Frost inspired piece!) I wanted to make sure nobody misses it and you all run out and get one!  It'll set you back a cool $4.80, and it will layer so lovely with your shorter statement pieces.


Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Give an Unforgettable Wedding Gift #TargetWedding

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

Hi lovelies!  With winter weddings upon us, it's time to think about creating the absolute perfect and unforgettable gift for the bride and groom.  While it's best practice to pick up something off their Target Wedding Registry, let's take it one step further to make it that much more perfect!  I'd start with a Keurig, who wouldn't have one on their registry?

But don't stop there.  While it's an investment, spending a few more dollars will really make it unforgettable!
Why not pick up a couple of plain, white mugs and use a sharpie to write Mr. and Mrs. on them, respectively.  Let dry overnight, then place them in a cool oven.  Heat to 425 for about 30 minutes.  Let the oven cool completely before removing.
Next, grab some K-Cups in assorted varieties (don't forget the hot cocoa!) and add some fun fixins too!  Think marshmallows, coffee liquor, sugar cubes, etc.  Lastly, put everything in a pretty basket or crate - presentation is everything!

Now that is a gift the happy couple will be sure to love and won't ever forget!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY ~ Pearl n Crystal Stud Earrings

Hi lovelies!  This DIY I had originally intended to go up before the holidays, but the hustle and bustle prevented me from doing so.  These earrings are so fun and easy to make, I made pairs for my bf's sisters!  While I had all the supplies on hand, they are extremely easy to find/order should you need to do so, and with the leftovers you'll be able to put them to good use!  {How-to after the break!}

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Marker Liquid Eyeliners ~ Under $20!

Hi lovelies!  I'm super obsessed with marker eyeliners as of late, and thought I'd share some of my favorite picks to try them no matter your price point!  {Pssst the most expensive one here is only $20!}  Click the image to shop your fave!

Personally, my favorite is the Ardency Inn Punker.  What I love most about these types of liners is that the tip is so much more sturdy than that of a traditional liquid liner pen.  It goes on with the preciseness of a pencil but it's a liquid!  Win-win!

Have you jumped on board with these marker eyeliners?  What's your favorite?


Thursday, January 9, 2014

DIY ~ Mixed Metals & Rhinestone Necklace

Hi lovelies!  Today's DIY is a super fun one, possibly my favorite yet!  There are so many possibilities with this one, you can deconstruct a few necklaces/bracelets for the chain, the pendant - you'll never believe what it was! - could come from anything, and you can further jazz it up by adding more to it!  I opted to keep mine simple, I love the mixed metals and textures as is.  {Click for the how-to!}

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY ~ Gem Necklace

Hi lovelies!  In keeping with this week's theme of re-imagining and reinventing old jewelry pieces into new ones, I bring you this gem necklace.  I dug this plain necklace out of my stash, it's one I bought years ago because I liked the acrylic hexagons but don't think I've ever worn it.  It just seemed to need a little something more.  Similar to the Tortoise Gem Earrings I posted on Monday, I decided to give it the same treatment!  {Click for the how-to!}

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY ~ Bracelet and Necklace from Lone Earring & Broken Purse Strap

Hi lovelies!  In keeping with this week's theme of re-imagining old or broken pieces of jewelry into new, wearable pieces, I tackled two birds with one stone here!  Would you believe the above bracelet was constructed from a broken purse strap (clasp & all!) and part of a lone earring?

And this necklace used up some of my scrap chain pieces along with the rest of said earring?  If you've ever lost an earring, it's painful.  I know.  But in the event you hoard jewelry supplies can't let go of pieces with potential, now it's the perfect time to dig them out and get to work!  {Click for the how-to!}

Monday, January 6, 2014

December Beauty Box 5 ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies! I was recently introduced to a new monthly beauty box subscription to share, and I'm kind of loving it! Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5 cosmetic samples to your door for $12 a month. This was December's box, my second one, and I loved it! {Click to see what I got!}

DIY ~ Tortoise Gem Earrings

Hi lovelies!  With the spirit of the new year in the air, it's common for most of us to begin purging our closets, getting rid of all those pieces we just haven't worn or used.  This week I will be showing you how to remake some pieces of neglected jewelry over into something you'll be begging to wear!  While the premise of these posts is not necessarily intended to be straightforward DIYs as you probably don't have the same pieces; instead, it's meant to inspire you to think outside the box with what you do have.  So head to your collection, start pulling out those pieces and let's get started!  {Click to keep reading!}

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Birchbox vs. Glossybox vs. Ipsy Glam Bag ~ January 2014 Edition

Hi lovelies!  Sorry for the delay, but it's finally here! My monthly head to head to head! Curious how the 3 most popular beauty subscription boxes (and bag!) stack up? Not sure which one (or two or three!) you want to subscribe to? Have no fear, my dear, as I bring you October's edition of Birchbox vs. Glossybox vs. Ipsy Glam Bag! {Click to see how they stack up!}

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My December Glossybox ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  Today I'm sharing my December Glossybox with you, and heads up: it was a good one!  If you're still not familiar, Sign up for GlossyBox here, and get some amazing goodies delivered to your door for only $21 every month too! They promise 5-6 luxury deluxe sized samples, with a total box value of at least twice of its cost! {Click to see what I got!}

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My December Birchbox ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  I'm catching up on my beauty box reviews, so without further ado, I present you December's Birchbox. If you're not familiar, subscribe to Birchbox for only $10 a month and get handpicked beauty and lifestyle samples delivered to your door free! {Click to see what I got!}

My December Ipsy Glam Bag ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  With the hustle and bustle, I'm a bit behind on posts, but I promise more amazing things coming in 2014!  So here's my December Ipsy Glam Bag.  If you haven't heard of Ipsy, it's similar to the other beauty subscription boxes, it costs only $10 a month, and you get a makeup bag too! {Click to see what was inside!}

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