Saturday, April 23, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 20 ~ Whimsical Wire Flowers

I spied these multicolored floral wires at the dollar store, and immediately thought of using them to make flowers!
One coil will make one flower's petals...
And another coil will make the center of the flower.  2 coils = 1 flower.  Here's how.
Take a wire and twist it into a figure eight, these are the petals, so make them the desired size.  Mine are about 3 inches apiece.
Keep making more figure eights along side the previous ones.
After 5 figure eights, take the end of the wire and wrap it around the center to hold it in place.
Take the ends of each petal and fold them up a little, to make the flower more 3-D.
Take another color and using pliers, begin to coil it around itself very tightly.  I only used the pliers for the initial coil and used my hands for the rest of it.
Partially done center coil.
Use the end of the coil around the edges and begin threading it through some of the petals.
It will look like this.  Then push that last part of the coil and push it closer to the center portion.  Tuck the end under.
A finished flower!
Repeat for as many flowers as you want to make.  I made a total of five.
I used some clear beading thread to hang these up with clear pushpins.
Now I *finally* have sonmething covering the hideous back of cabinets in my dining room.  I think I need to hang some white fabric there too.  Thoughts? 


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  1. i think that a white curtain thingy covering the back of the cabinets would be fabulous!


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