Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 26 ~ Upcycled Portable Chalkboards

Sorry I've been out of the posting loop lately.  I've been a busy bee searching for jobs, and I had an interview yesterday as well!  Fingers crossed....  Anywho, I realized I need to seriously catch up on my 30 days of DIYs since today is April 30!  Well don't count me out yet!  Here's a quick and easy project I did with the kids the other day. 
I found some new baking sheets on clearance with the Easter stuff at Target for $5 each, and of course I picked them up.  So the question was what to do with the old ones?  Well, I picked up some chalkboard paint and some white acrylic paint and set the kids to work!
First they painted the back of the old pans white to cover up all the yuckiness.  It took about three coats.
I sat them outside on their picnic table covered with newspaper, poured the paint onto a paper plate, and gave them each a foam paintbrush.  Tip: when waiting for the coats to dry, put the paintbrushes with the paint still on them in a plastic baggy and put it in the fridge.  They won't dry out and will be ready to go again!
They had such a blast!
Finally, they flipped over the pans and painted the front side with the black chalkboard paint.  It took only one coat to achieve great coverage.  We let that dry, rinsed out the brushes really good, and cleaned up the mess.
Finished product!  Since they are metal too, you could use magnets to attach a little pouch to hold chalk and an eraser.
They came up with the idea of using their Easter sidewalk chalk :) 
I think this is great, especially for my daughter when doing her math homework.  Instead of wasting paper to do some of her exercises, she can do them on this! 
I really love coming up with ideas to reuse old things that would normally be thrown away, and I have a TON more ideas!!!  Stay tuned! 


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  1. What a great idea! I love the chalkboard paint! A friend of mine used it to paint a wall in her apartment and would draw different designs depending on the season- very fun!


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