Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 7 ~ Fun n Funky Statement Necklaces

Wow, I'm at Day 7 already!  This is so fun!  Well I had initially made the chiffon and wooden beaded Anthropologie Incredible Orbs inspired necklace for today, but the super rad Maegan from ...love, Maegan  made it too and I totally could never steal her thunder!!  So, I quickly raided my craft closet and made another statement necklace to wear with it, or on it's own.

For the Anthro inspired necklace, you will need some chiffon fabric, some wooden beads, scissors, and a paperclip.

For the other necklace, there are two parts.  First, you will need some thick satin cream colored ribbon, scissors, and I got this package of napkin rings from the dollar store.  For the larger, skinnier rings, you will need plastic shower curtain rings (dollar store) and some chartreuse satin ribbon (dollar store) as well as your glue gun and extra glue sticks.

Make a cut in the chiffon about 3 inches from the edge.  Remove the scissors, and rip the material.  It will rip straight and evenly.
So you will have this.
Take a paperclip, place it underneath the edge of the chiffon.
Use this to thread your bead onto the fabric.  Remove the paperclip and pull the bead onto the chiffon, into about the middle.
Make a knot on either side of the bead.  I used 7 beads, and then alternated sides that I threaded the beads onto.

Tie the ends into a bow and voila!  So pretty and easy breezy for the summer!

Now to make the green necklace, wrap the chartreuse ribbon onto the shower curtain ring, securing with hot glue as you go along.  I made a total of 7.  Then thread the rings onto the ribbon, alternating dark green with light green.  Tie the ends in a bow, and you are done!  Super easy, and such major impact! 
The alternating shades of green are so perfect for spring, over a white tee shirt!
It's hard to believe that this is made of napkin rings and shower curtain rings!  I think that's what I love most about DIY.  It challenges you to think outside the box, and use unconventional materials to make something that is all your own.  Using inexpensive objects, combined with materials on hand, you can have an original, one of a kind item that seriously cost you less than $5 to make!
I really love how the turquoise really makes the colors pop!  I think these would look great over a turquoise maxi dress with some strappy sandals.
And there you have it!  Another Anthropologie inspired necklace, and a Lia Original :)  I hope you love these, I can't wait to rock them!



  1. Wow! Yet another awesome DIY necklace! I'm not sure how you figure out how to make all these things, but I'm loving it! If I had to do a DIY necklace post, it would go something like this: First, take a bead, then string it on some twine. repeat. :)

  2. Hahaha you're too much! Thanks darling! You could so do it!!


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