Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 22 ~ Our Easter Tree!

So the kids and I decided we needed an Easter centerpiece, and we challenged ourselves to using things around the house (and outside it!)
The kids gathered sticks and rocks.
I spray painted them white.  It took 2 coats per side to achieve a rustic look.
Next I used some cardboard and made an vertically elongated trapezoid, cut it out, and traced it three more times.  These will make up the vase.  I then measured the short side and cut out a square that length for the bottom.
Once those were all cut out, I gathered my bright pink duck tape!
I started by attaching the bottoms of each side to the square using the duck tape on the outside.
All four sides attached!
This is what the other side looks like.  This will be the outside of mine.
Fold the sides up and tape the edges together.
Cover the whole thing in duck tape, including about an inch or so down on the inside, since the rocks won't go all the way to the top.
I filled the bottom with unpainted rocks, and put the white rocks on top.  Before adding the rocks, take the long sticks and hold them in place in the vase while adding the rocks.  Save the short sticks aside and heat up your glue gun!
Glue the smaller sticks to the larger ones to create branches.  Allow to dry for at least an hour or so.
We took some extra plastic eggs and I threaded some clear beading thread through the holes in the top of the egg which created the loop to hang the eggs by. 
Cute, easy, recycled, and all other items were on hand!  The kids loved making this and thought it was so cool to recycle things to make something unexpected.  Hope you had a happy happy easter if you celebrate it, if not, I hope you had an awesome weekend!


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