Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 23 ~ Bubble Tiled Mirror

I had a bag of these light blue opaque glass filler beads, so I decided to make a "tiled" mirror with them, since they kind of reminded me of bubbles.
You will need:
  • A mirror (I got this at the dollar store)
  • Glass vase filler beads
  • E-6000 glue
  • A crayon
  • A circle to trace (I used a plastic bowl) 
Trace the circle onto the mirror using the crayon. 
Place a small dab of glue on the flat side of the bead.  The glue will really spread once you press the bead down, so only a little is needed.
Place the bead on the circle.
Repeat for the whole circle.
Fill in the rest of the space outside of the circle.
Leaving your circle mirror in the center!
Let it dry for at least a day before you hang it up.  Since it's heavy, either hang it into a stud or using a wall anchor.
In hindsight, the only thing I would change would be painting the background that is being covered with beads.  That way, the mirror will not show through in between the beads.  Otherwise, I love this, and how it resembles bubbles.
I love the reflection of my ikat shower curtain in the bubble mirror!
Doesn't it go great?  What do you think of this project?  I love it, imperfections and all!

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