Friday, April 1, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 1 ~ Indoor "Garden" That Will Not Die!

I seriously have the opposite of a green thumb.  I'm not sure what color that would be, but it's like the touch of death to plants. Except this one tropical foliage plant I've somehow managed to keep alive for almost 2 years now.  Don't ask me how.  Anyways, my condo was screaming for some greenery.  I love flowers, but hate how quickly they die.  It's like displaying something beautiful and slowly watching it die.  Kinda sad huh?  While at the dollar store the other day, the kids and I picked up 6 packages of these wall stickers. 
Each sheet has this front and back.  These are the two leftover sheets that we did not use...yet.
This is so easy and was soooo much fun for us all to do together.  We spent about 30 minutes or so, and had such a blast! 
Milo the cat approves.  I like to think he was thinking they were real and that's why he's sniffing around them.
I think he's figured out they're not real.
He's mad that they are not real.
It adds a little punch to an otherwise boring and bland hallway wall.  This would be equally great in your kids room, or wherever really.
Cute right?  I'm really loving my garden.  I don't have to water it, don't have to pull the dead leaves out, and it's impossible to kill!  Plus when I get sick and tired of them, they easily peel off.  I hope you like this quick easy peasy kid friendly decor DIY!  For $4, and the impermanence of this, you seriously can't go wrong and should run out and try it now. 

I know this is a really quick DIY, today was super busy.  I just got back from the Denver Style Expo (post to come!) and will be going tomorrow as well, after taking the kids to a birthday party.  Busy busy busy!  But a promise is a promise :) 


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