Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Gift Guide

My Gift Guide

Hi lovelies!  Just a week left till Christmas, can you believe it?  Here's a few things on my list that I wouldn't mind Santa leaving under my tree.  I always try to keep things practical, everything is under $80 and nearly all the items are from Target!  {More after the jump}

  1. Target "blogger" pajamas ~ Enough said.  Love these.
  2. Sticky Bumps Surf Wax Candle ~ It's no secret that I love the smell of surf wax.  I keep a bar on my desk at work for my 'aromatherapy'.  I love the smell of sticky bumps, and absolutely need this candle.
  3. Tory Burch Thermos ~ So I can bring more coffee to work, rather than buy it in the cafeteria every day.  Saving money is a must!
  4. iPhone Charger ~ I swear, all of mine break and no longer work... I go through 2 of them a year.
  5. La Mer for Target Triple Wrap Watch ~ I love these watches, and especially love the teal.  They're now on sale for $30!
  6. Maybelline Color Sensational Clear Lip Liner ~ Best lipliner ever, and since it's clear, it works with every color of lipstick!
  7. Ted Shreds Surf Wax Air Freshener ~ Because I want my car to smell like a bar of surf wax, too.
  8. iHome Dual Alarm Clock Radio ~ So I can charge my phone and listen to music and have it as an alarm clock too!
So what's on your wish list?



  1. Love the thermos, PJs, phone charger, and everything on this list because they are all affordable and pretty! When I clicked on the link to the Thermos I was surprised it was from Target and a really good price :)


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