Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 DIYs of Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ DIY Decorated Gift Bags

Hey lovelies!  Can you believe this is it, Day 12 of 12 DIYs of Christmas?  It's been so fun and I hope I've inspired you to think outside the box and make some fabulous gifts (and save some of your hard earned $$ while you're at it!)  So for the last day, I thought I'd show you how to jazz up some plain gift bags!  It's a fun way to personalize your gift even more, and the supplies will cost next to nothing compared to expensive wrappings and trimmings.  {More after the jump}

You'll need: Plain gift bags & tags, confetti, glue, washi tape.  With the exception of the washi tape, everything else came from my December WhimseyBox!  (Check out WhimseyBox, here).

Make a 1-2" stripe of glue across the front of the bag.

Sprinkle confetti over the glue, shake off the excess, and let dry.

I made the matching gift tag too :)

Make stripes on a plain bag using colorful washi tape.

That's it!  How much more fun are these?  I especially love them and look forward to sprucing up many more gifts this way, they'll look great under the tree!

Have you made any of my 12 DIYs?  If so I'd love to see them!  Send a pic to lia@smartnsnazzy.com!



  1. How cute are those bags -you are so creative :)

    Pearls & Paws

  2. Those bags are SO cute! Such a fun DIY :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. These are such great bags! I love your ideas!


  4. I love this idea!!! Makes these gift bags look super snazzy :-)


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