Thursday, December 6, 2012

12 DIYs of Christmas ~ Day 6 ~ DIY Tablet Case

Hey lovelies!  Happy Friday Eve, and happy Day 6 of 12 DIYs of Christmas!  Today we're making an insanely easy tablet case, which also is a great way of dressing up large envelopes when sending someone a little something special :)  {Steps after the break}

You'll need: Bubble padded envelopes in the appropriate size, velcro, shelf contact paper (dollar store!), duct tape, or adhesive vinyl sheets.  I chose to make the pretty black and white floral print shelf liner.

Determine how much paper you'll need, and cut that amount from the roll.

Peel back the backing and adhere the contact paper to the front of the envelope first, then smooth out any air bubbles.

Then do the rest, making sure to get rid of any air bubbles. Remove the sticky closure backing from the envelope and fold the contact paper over that too.

You should have something that looks like this now.

Cut a piece of velcro about 2" long. Put the pieces together and peel the backing from the scratchy (hook) side, apply it to the envelope.

Remove the backing from the top piece and fold the envelope closure on top of it, pressing firmly.

And that's it!  An easy yet pretty case for a tablet, as well as a fun way to jazz up envelopes!  Using the other materials, follow pretty much the same steps.  Have fun making these!



  1. This is such a good idea for holiday or any other special packages - thanks!

  2. Really good idea. I'm with @alicia - so pretty not just for a tablet, but also for wrapping or storing anything special (because I don't have a tablet!).


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