Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gift Guide for Men

Gift Guide for Men

Hey lovelies!  With the abundance of gift guides, I wanted to share with you exactly what I've bought/will be buying for the guy(s) in my life.  So here's my first, practical, gift guide for men!  {More after the jump}

  1. Sector 9 Longboard ... the bf's daughter is getting a skateboard for Christmas, so I'm getting this for him, so he has one too!
  2. The Art of Flight movie ... One of the best snowboarding movies out there.  I have it, and the ex keeps borrowing it from me.  So the kids will be getting this for him.
  3. That's It That's All movie ... The kids will be getting this for their dad too, so I can borrow it from him :)  It's another epic snowboarding movie I've been dying to see.
  4. Frame autographed sports memorabilia ... Okay, I wish I had an autographed Brady jersey... but for the bf's birthday a few weeks ago, I got his autographed Tony Gonzalez jersey professionally framed finally (at Michael's).  It had been stuffed in a closet for years!  It's pricey but it's worth it.  (and to be honest, the one I had done actually looks better than the Brady one, above!)
  5. Black & Decker Drill ... the ex also keeps borrowing my drill since his broke.  The kids will be getting this for him too.
  6. Texas A&M Heisman Tshirt ... the bf is a HUGE A&M fan, so naturally he needs this after Johnny Football won the prestigious award :)
  7. Burton Ruler Snowboarding Boots ... (same, in black ... the ex is an avid snowboarder, and his boots have been worn out for some time.  The kids got these for him for his birthday last week.
There you have it!  What are you getting the guy(s) in your life this year?


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