Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 DIYs of Christmas ~ Day 9 ~ DIY Sparkly Napkin Rings

Lovelies, I am now caught up! I'm proud of myself :)  Here's Day 9 of 12 DIYs of Christmas... Sparkly Napkin Rings!  These are a great hostess gift, purchase (or DIY!) some cute cloth napkins, and you've got a great gift!  And you'll never guess what the base of the napkin ring is made of.... {Steps, after the jump}

You'll need: empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, tinsel garland (dollar store!), bows, glue gun, scissors.

Cut 4 (or however many you'd like to make) 2" rings from your empty tube.

Use your glue gun to attach the tinsel garland to the ring, winding it around as you go.

There's all 4!

Glue on your bows...

Done!  An easy and adorable DIY, sure to make your guests smile at the sparkle!


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