Monday, December 10, 2012

12 DIYs of Christmas ~ Day 10 ~ Glittered Reindeer Picture

Happy Monday lovelies!  Today's Day 10 of my annual 12 DIYs of Christmas, and we're making a glittered reindeer picture.  This would make a great hostess gift, or just some fun decor for yourself!  {Steps after the jump}

You'll need: An outline or sketch of a reindeer head, glitter, glue, a brush, and a frame (dollar store!)

Apply glue to a small area at a time, and use the brush to make sure all the areas and outline are covered in glue.

Sprinkle glitter on your glued area.

Keep going!

Done!  Let it dry, then put it in your frame.

Isn't it so cute?  This is too precious, I absolutely LOVE it and it's right at home on my mantle!



  1. I actually have this project pinned and really want to try it!!

  2. Very lovely! Love your DIY blog and follow you!


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