Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY ~ Pastel 'Enamel' Bangle Bracelets

Hey lovelies!  I keep seeing such adorable pastel enamel bracelets in stores, and they are just so fun!  But given my nearly nonexistent budget now, I can't afford to spend.  I'm okay with this, because I just get more creative!  Given my recent pastel painted baubles, like the bobby pins or the necklace and earrings, I decided to raid my jewelry and found some plain bangles that would be perfect for a makeover.  {Click to read more!}

So you guessed it!  What easier way than nail polish?  You'll need:

  • flat-ish bangle bracelets
  • nail polish (and a clear top coat)
  • a bracelet holder (the one shown is a DIY) or something you can have them hang on while you're painting them
  • Not shown, rubbing alcohol

First clean off the bracelets with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball, to remove any dirt or oils so that the polish will grip better.  Spread the bracelets out on your holder or whatever you choose to use.

Give your bracelets two coats of color, followed by a clear top coat.

Et voila!  I love how much they truly resemble enamel, and this is another great free project to do!  I've got tons of plain metal bangles (which I do love to wear come summer) but decided I could part with a few in order to breathe new life into them and have some new bracelets to add to my (growing!) collection.

Wear them all, wear just one, but wear them proud!  No one will guess they're not enamel!  This is a great girls night in project, have everyone raid their jewelry box and nail polish stash, get together and have some beverages while making some fun new bangles!



  1. So cute! I love them! : )


  2. These bracelets came out looking so cute! Just right for spring. Thanks so much for your comment. I have not been posting in awhile and had not been checking out anybodys blogs. I hope to be back full swing in a few months. I really appreciated your comment.

  3. I love this idea! They turned out great and way to get creative with what you already have.

  4. You just proved you really can do anything with nail polish!



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