Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Fave Lipsticks ~ Reds and Fuschias

Hi lovelies!  I have an obsession with lipstick, and having just one brand/shade of a color is certainly not enough for me.  So I thought I'd share and swatch some of my faves with you - at all price points!  Above are some of my favorite reds.  As you can see, there's everything from New York Color to Dior and in between.  The best part?  When on, you can't tell which is which!  {Click to keep reading!}

Here's three reds (I couldn't fit all 7; so I broke it down to 3 and 4).  Now what if I told you that one of the above lipsticks cost only 99 cents?  Another costs $31, and the third one (in no particular order) costs $29.  Can you guess which is which?  Get your guesses ready.... got them?  Okay.  So left to right:

Were you correct?  NYC's Retro Red is one of the best red lipsticks out there, and only costs 99 cents.  I absolutely love Exude's, it's a great glossy lipstick and the packaging is unlike any I've ever seen before ($29).  Dior's Addict Extreme is a glossy yet sheer color and it's super fun too ($31).

Here's the reds, round two!  These are some deeper colors, but all are loved!  So here, we range in prices from $7.49, $12, $26, and $31.  Can you guess which is which?  Ready to see if you were right?  Left to right....
How'd you do?  I am pretty obsessed with the Sephora brand lipsticks.  I own several and find myself going back to them.  The formulas are great and long lasting, the pigmentation is perfect, and for only $12, you can't go wrong.  NARS' Scarlett Empress looks dark and brown almost, but don't let that scare you away, try it on and you'll see it's a lovely deep red, extremely sexy and wearable. ($26).  Maybelline's Red Revolution is a steal (especially if you can grab it at Walgreens when they're having a sale!), and it wears on me as more of a fuschia/red ($7.49).  Finally, this Dior Addict in Red Carpet is one of my favorites.  It's extremely glossy and the color is unlike any other I've seen.  Yes, it's costly, but I'm never sorry for splurging when it's something I use so frequently.  Besides, $31 for Dior is the only kind I can afford.  Ha!

Next up are my favorite fuschias. You'll notice I do seem to prefer the same brands, but when I find something I like, I stick with it.  After the prices above, you should now be familiar with the different price points of these products.  But can you spot them in a lineup?

Here's the four suspects... what are your thoughts?  Which is only 1.99?  And which is $26?  Get your guesses ready.... here we go.... left to right we have:

How did you do?  These are all fabulous colors, they are all super long lasting and highly pigmented fuschias.  If you don't own any of them, pick your price point and try one!  It's instant makeup; with lips this vibrant, you'll need to keep everything else minimal.  

I love a good statement lip, and the best part is that it's such an easy way of looking put together, with minimal effort. Some tinted moisturizer, a few coats of mascara, and some lipstick and you're good to go!  

Do you have a favorite brand or color?



  1. All of these look so fabulous, gotta try out more of those red lipsticks! :)


  2. lovely collection! i love fushia's!! :) xx



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