Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY ~ Pastel Bobby Pins (+ a Creative Way to Present Your Business Card!)

Hi lovelies!  Today I have a fun, springy DIY for you!  It's pretty simple and self explanatory, but with a fun pastel twist.  Pastels are HUGE for spring, and here's a way to be on-trend while using items you already have on hand!  {How to after the jump}

You'll need:

Paint a few coats onto your bobby pins, one side at a time!  I used two coats of color and a top coat.

Don't forget to do the other side, but make sure the first side is really dry!

All done!

I love the look of a few of these lined up, how cute do the three purple ones look here?

Now the best part, add some 'flair' to your business cards!  Heading to Lucky FABB next month?  This is the perfect way to make sure your card will stand out from the rest.  I've simply slid three bobby pins onto my mini moo business cards and that's it.  How much would you love to get one of these business cards rather than a plain one?  The best part is that this costs practically nothing!  I had everything on hand, and I'm pretty sure you do too!

What colors will you paint yours?



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