Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Reduce Under Eye Puffiness ~ Masqueology Eye Gel Review

Hi lovelies! I usually struggle with under-eye issues (puffiness, bags, etc.) and have tried so many different products, but to no avail.  While concealer helps with the bags, there's not really much I can do with the puffiness usually.  I've tried the roller-balls, and while they feel amazing I wasn't able to see any difference.  I received these eye-patches in a Birchbox, and I didn't think much of them at first.  I decided to try them out the other day, and really found them to work amazingly!

So when you open up the foil pouch, these slimy, mesh covered in gel thingies are stuck to a thin piece of plastic.  Then you peel them off and wriggle with the sliminess and think of how weird they feel, but you decide to just do it and stick it on under your eye.  It took a little fidgeting around to get them in place and to stay in place, but then I just laid down and relaxed, leaving these on for about 20 minutes.  The slimy goopy feel of them turned into cooling and soothing and it felt amazing.  After peeling them off, you don't wash anything off - you instead pat any remaining gel into your under-eye area.

I was most shocked at how the puffiness was gone!  I mean, it disappeared!  Now the bags/discoloration kinda stuff was still there.  But that's manageable (I do love my MUFE Hi-Definition Concealer!).  I seriously had no puffiness for two days and have never seen my eyes like that before.  If you have troublesome puffy-eyes like I do, I highly recommend you try the Masqueology Revitalizing Eye Gel Mask.  It's one of the few (if not the only) products advertising to reduce puffiness that actually does!  I can't attest to the brightening/revitalizing because I think that the lack of puff actually brightened and revitalized.  I think that with regular uses, there could be more of a difference.  The only issue is with the price.  Now at $24 for three sets, they are costly.  But if you make those last a month (do it every 10 days!) then it's not so bad.  It's a way of treating / pampering yourself!


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