Sunday, August 18, 2013

Smart n Snazzy's Part of the 3rd Annual M&J Trimming Blogger Challenge!

Hi lovelies!  I've got some exciting news... I'm participating in M&J Trimming's 3rd Annual Blogger Challenge!  YAY!  When M&J Trimming contacted me to ask if I was interested in participating, I was in shock!  I mean, it's the best store on the planet for DIY supplies, but also the past participant are bloggers I've looked up to for years and have inspired me to start blogging.

I was sent the above box of goodies to create projects with, and OCD me actually used all of the supplies!  Now when I found out the other 6 bloggers participating, I was so humbled and flattered and actually felt like I didn't belong amongst them.  I mean, they're DIY powerhouses, imho.  Seriously, to be included among the likes of Chic Steals, Glitter n Glue, Swellmayde, Studs and Pearls, Thanks I Made It, and Trinkets in Bloom is the biggest honor I could imagine.

Check out M&J Trimming's intro to all the bloggers participating in the challenge, and show me some love!

So, my lovelies, please be sure to check out M&J Trimming's blog tomorrow, where my seven (7!) pieces I created will be featured along with the full tutorials!

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