Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY ~ Pretty Tin Organizers

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!  I have a quick craft for you today, it's another one that will take you maybe 5 minutes!  Yay!  My mom knows how much I love crafting, upcycling, and just making things, so she recently sent me a few boxes full of goodies!  Imagine my delight!  Well the materials to make these adorable flower topped storage tins were inside, want to see what I used?  {Click to keep reading!}

You'll need:

  • Old tins (these lovely ones my mom had, but you could easily find some at the dollar store or thrift shop!)
  • Faux flowers (these were attached to a little stand... I have no idea what they bedecked in their previous life, but thanks to mama they now have a new purpose!)
  • E-6000 glue
  • Scissors

If your tins have some hideous decoration on top, rip it off!  These were just hot glued on, so they came off pretty easily.

Snip off the flowers as close to the base as you can.  Then remove the plastic base and snip any remaining stem so you have a flat surface.

Now fold your flower in half.

Liberally apply your glue, making sure to get it in the hole so the layers stay together.  If they come apart, no worries!  Just apply more glue :)

Push the flowers firmly to the lids, and let dry overnight.

I filled one with my paperclips and the other with binder clips.  It's so nice to have them out of sight on my desk but still easily accessible.  Depending on what you use for your tin base, you could really have fun with this!  Use a small, squat mason jar and paint the inside with a bright color paint!  Spray paint your tins, or upcycle an old tin or jar and cover it in a funky pattern duct or washi tape!  Make it your own and have fun!

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