Friday, August 30, 2013

Disney Super Buddies ~ DIY Rings of Inspiron Bracelets

Hi lovelies!  Today we are celebrating the release of Disney Super Buddies on Blu-Ray Combo Pack!  A few weeks ago, I received a copy of the movie and the kiddos have LOVED it and watched it quite a few times already.  It's super cute, and the buddies are so funny.  We all really liked the idea of the Rings of Inspiron (you'll have to watch the movie!), so I decided to come up with a fun craft you can make with the kids after you watch the movie!  {Click for the how-to!}

You'll need:
  • Rattail cord in colors similar to those of the rings
  • Key chain split rings
  • 1/4" washers
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Each bracelet uses two pieces of cord.  One piece should be about 2" longer than the length of the wrist of the wearer, and the second piece should be just about twice the length of the wrist.  First take the longer piece, fold it in half and tie a knot at the ends.  Tie a second knot about an inch above.  Trim the excess ends and fuse with a lighter.

Loop it through the key ring.  Now take the shorter piece, fold it in half, and tie the washer to the end.  Trim and fuse the ends, and loop it through the ring as well.

To wear, slip the washer through the loop created between the two knots. Easy!  Let the kiddos make one in their favorite color or character's color, or they can make and wear all 5!

Seriously, the movie is so cute.  It just came out August 27th, so go pick up your copy!  Don't forget to check out Super Buddies on FaceBook or the Super Buddies Pinterest Board!


Disclosure:  I received a copy of the movie and compensation from The Blueprint Social.  As always, I never endorse a product I don't personally love!  Lovely sponsors like this allow Smart n Snazzy to keep on running!
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