Monday, January 21, 2013

My Favorite Things (& Most Recent Purchases!)

Hey lovelies!  While I was on a DIY kick last week, this week I'd like to switch things up and share some of my recent purchases / favorite things with you all. I've been trying to curb spending lately, so I'm only buying things that I truly love and know I will use, all the while not buying expensive (ie, out of my budget) items.  {More after the jump}

First up is this adorable set of 6 pairs of stud earrings from Target for only $8.  I was immediately drawn to the 'diamond' earrings, as well as the 'love' ones, and have been wearing them nonstop.  I've tried to find a link online to them, but cannot find them on Target's website. So you'll have to make a trip to the store :)

I of course also picked these beauties up at Target because of their versatility, as well as the fact that they are just beautiful!  I love the pale mint green tone to some of the stones which adds a lovely subtle touch of color to cold weather looks, but will go amazingly well with pastels and spring fashions.  Such a steal for only $8!

So I may have an obsession with Revlon's milky glitter polishes.  They are so beautiful, and some are near perfect dupes to Deborah Lippmann's (like Popular and especially my personal favorite, Whimsical).  Girly, Ritzy, and Heavenly are new faves.

These are new colors and are part of Revlon's new Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights collection.  Girly is a light pink jelly with light pink, purple, and fuschia hexagonal glitter and small glitter too.  I think it would look best layered over a white polish to let the colors pop.  Ritzy is a black jelly with silver hexagonal and small glitter.  I'd probably layer this over black to get the strong black/silver contrast.  Heavenly is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Stairway to Heaven (and is $13 cheaper!)  It's a slightly milky jelly with square and hexagonal iridescent glitter.  This is amazing over pretty much any color, due to the iridescent glitter.  I love it over a bright blue, like Essie's Butler Please.  Walgreens had a sale last week on Revlon polishes, BOGO 50% off.  So at $5 a piece, I paid $12.50 for all three, less than the cost of one bottle of DL polish!

I found this gorgeous Mossimo gold polka dotted ivory blouse on clearance at Target the other day.  I was instantly enamored by it and knew I could wear it so many different ways.  It's great for work with trousers, works beautifully with jeans, and is a perfect layering piece.

Look at the beautiful gold dots!  For under $17, I couldn't say no.

Now I have fought the wedge sneaker trend for so long.  But while at Target (where else?), I decided to try them on with my skinny jeans to see how they'd go.  I have to confess, I normally wear a pair of bootcut jeans, a cute top and then sneakers to work.  It's only because I'm lazy and tired and want to get out of the house as fast as possible in the mornings.  I digress.  These sneaker wedges looked so darn cute with my skinnies I had to buy them.  It's the perfect combination of sneakers and heels so that I can look more put together yet still be lazy.

Now the bf saw these and laughed and said they look like old school wrestling shoes and just laughed more. He just doesn't get it.  These are so fun and cute and versatile, and at $35, I'll definitely get my money's worth out of them as I'll likely be wearing these every day!

I've been a Julep Maven for quite some time now and love their polishes.  A few months ago, they released these Suede texture polishes, but sadly I didn't get any of them in my box.  They did come out with a set of three of them, but I still didn't want to pay that much for them.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the Peaceful Trio (three of them!) on sale for only $12.  Note: these polishes normally retail for $14, and as a Maven, the discounted price is still $11.  Then, I got an email that all polishes were BOGO free, so I had to pick up the last two!  (For only $11, I got both!)  I love these polishes, they're a matte metallic and are so cool!  The texture looks amazing on.  And 5 Julep polishes for only $23 is amazing!

Finally, I don't think there's a woman out there not addicted to BaubleBar.  (If you're not yet, save $10 on your first order!  You'll love their pieces!)  I coveted the Marble Wilma Drop Earrings over the holidays, they were part of their Elle collection, but sold out fast.  I was STOKED that they were restocked and had to get them.  Luckily, I had enough vault points to cover the $32 cost, and got them for NOTHING!  These are a bit heavy, but they're definitely not an every day piece.  They look incredible on and instantly make even the plainest outfit look elegant and chic.  Sadly, it looks like they're sold out again, but I challenge you to peruse their site and not find a pair of gorgeous, affordable statement earrings you can't live without.  :)

So, there you have it.  My faves.  My purchases.  I'm pretty happy with what I got, and especially only having spent a little over $100!

What is your favorite piece?  Do you find you spend the majority of your purchases on accessories?  (yes, I consider nail polish an accessory lol!)



  1. Those diamond studs are too cute! And love the polka dot top. I haven't heard of those Julep polishes before- they sound really interesting.

  2. The polka dot blouse is really elegant and so versatile. I know I complain about endless outfit and product posts on FB but I love yours because they are affordable :)

  3. You really stretched that benjamin lady! I love the suede nail polish from Julep, those colours are gorgeous and all the earrings are great. I love both the stud and the dangling.

  4. Yeah- Target is just pretty much amazing! (Love the now earrings.)

  5. Seriously jealous over those sneakers. I haven't been able to find the black anywhere! Target's amazing!


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