Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY ~ Leopard Print Sweatshirt

Hey lovelies!  Hope your week is off to a good start :)  So in my DIY tease on instagram, I showed 2 fabric markers... and yup!  That's how I spruced up this sweatshirt!  My inspiration came from this Sandro Leopard Sweatshirt, but I immediately knew I could make something just as fabulous for only a small fraction of the price.  {How to after the jump}

You'll need: A plain gray sweatshirt (this was $9 at Walmart), brown and black Crayola Fabric Markers (these things are seriously underrated... they are absolutely AMAZING!), cardboard, and a dryer or iron (per the directions on the markers)

Put a piece of cardboard inside the sweatshirt to prevent any bleeding.  Start by sketching the brown inner parts of the spots.  I kept them more concentrated at the top and fewer towards the bottom, like the inspiration.

Now go around the brown with the black.

Keep going... you'll notice as the colors dry that they're lighter.  I wound up doing two coats of color, going back over it all once it dried.  When completely dry, heat set according to the directions (I opted to throw mine in the dryer for 30 mins).

 And that's it!  Such a fun piece to layer, or to wear on its own!

Since I haven't done an outfit post in quite a long time, I thought I would throw in some extra pics to show you how I styled it.  Also, note my DIY pearl and spike necklace, cute right?  I threw on my DIY ball chain bracelet too :)

Yes, I know I look so awkward in outfit pics.  It's because I'm a normal person and not a model.  Plus, I have an 11 yr old photographer :)   Please be kind!



  1. so pretty! I'm in sweatshirt mode, too, Lia!! and love the necklace as well! xox d.

  2. Ah lovely swetashirts! I only have a HUGE one which I cannot do this to before sizing it down... which I don't know how to do lol.

    If you;ve got any DIYs for that please let me know!

    Love the leopard look.


  3. You look so cute! I love this. What a fun DIY and it turned out great.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  4. Cute! I like your inspiration sweater. I've never heard of those fabric markers.. interesting!

  5. This is so easy and cute to make! Already commented on your FB page about how much I liked this DIY and about the .png not converting to white on picassa so I want to wait and make sure the layer is white before I post it on trueblue.

  6. This is brilliant. I've been obsessed with that Sandro sweatshirt and yours looks fabulous!


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