Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DIY ~ Kate Spade Confetti Inspired Jewelry Plate

Hi lovelies! I know many people make resolutions every year to organize themselves, and while I don't make any resolutions, I do make a yearly "To Do" list and yes, getting organized is on it every. single. year.  One of my biggest problems is corralling my jewelry.  One of these days it will get under better control, but for now I like things where I can see them, otherwise I forget about them.  I wanted a pretty dish that I could put some of my frequently worn pieces on so they're all in one place.  I kept envisioning those pretty Kate Spade Confetti plates and wanted to make one.  {Get the how to after the jump} 

You'll need: Adhesive vinyl paper (in the scrapbooking section), a circle hole punch (mine is a 1" one) and a plain white plate (picked up an inexpensive one for under $3 at WalMart)

Punch out a bunch of circles (I made about 20).

Peel the backing off of the circles and stick them randomly on the plate, concentrating them more on one side than the other.

I made some of them hang off the edge (just fold over)


And that's it!  Easy, and a perfect drop off / pick up place for my pieces!


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  1. Love how easy this project is - no glue, no paint etc... Really pretty and practical :)

  2. you are on a roll, lady! using the vinyl stickers is so clever-- love this project!

  3. I love your DIYs, they always look great!!

  4. I love this DIY! I want to give it a whirl since I've been looking for jewelry trays!


  5. So cute! Pinning this right away :)


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