Friday, August 1, 2014

My July Ipsy Glam Bag ~ Unwrapped

Ipsy July Glam Bag Contents

Hi lovelies! Today I'm sharing my July Ipsy Glam Bag with you.  If you haven't heard of Ipsy, it's similar to the other beauty subscription boxes, it costs only $10 a month, and you get a makeup bag too!  {Click to see what was inside!}

Ipsy Marrakesh Endz

Marrakesh Endz | Split End Mender & Preventer
This is such a must-needed product for me right now.  My hair is soo damn dry and brittle, especially the ends, so some special TLC was well received.  I like how the scent of this cream is pleasant and pretty much smells like any other argan oil, with no overpowering scent.  It works better than any other hair cream I've used as it has a silkier finish to it, and it really hydrates my strands even when I apply it to dry hair.

Ipsy Pur Minerals Waterproof Big Look Mascara

Pur Minerals | Big Look Waterproof Mascara
What if I told you that I didn't sprinkle water on the handle of the mascara wand?  I thought it was wet, too, when I first took it out of its box.  The little droplets are really some sort of plastic.  Best packaging ever?  Yup.  To top all that off, the mascara works so well too!  It's a great long-lashed, thick look that won't budge and doesn't clump.  It also nourishes your lashes with argan oil so you get added hydration!

Ipsy PurLisse Moisturizer Sunscreen

Pur~Lisse | Pur~Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30
I really love how this is marketed as both a sunscreen and a moisturizer, because to me that means so much more to me.  That really makes little sense, but c'mon, I can't be alone on it! It smells very light, and is a great moisturizer too, plus it also is a sunscreen.  I just put this on right after washing my face and it worked out so well.

Ipsy Bare Minerals Eyeshadow

Bare Minerals | READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Inspiration
This is such a great duo for my hazel eyes.  I love the pink and purple and they both go on so lightly yet can be built up for a higher impact.

I like to brush the pink (Muse) all over my primed lid, just up past the crease.  Then I take the purple (Passion) and use a dome brush in a sweeping motion in the crease.  For more of a nighttime look, I used an angled brush to apply a little bit of the purple (Passion) to my lower lash line.

Ipsy Elizabeth Mott Tints Sass

Elizabeth Mott | Tints & Sass in Cherry
Okay so when I first saw this, I couldn't stop giggling.  Like uncontrollable laughing.  I kept thinking it said taints and sass, but when I realized it was tints and sass, a play on tits and ass, I lost it.  This happened over and over for a good half hour.  And how cute is it, looking like garters?  The better part?  Holy cow this is the perfect cherry stain.  I actually like the color of the tint better than that of Stainiac or Benetint.  It's a bit pinker/brighter.  But not a lot.  And it smells like cherries.  And the bottle is designed to be both spill- and drip-proof.

My favorite use of a good stain is to help your red lipstick really stay on.  First apply a good coat of Tints & Sass (or another stain), and let it dry well.  I usually do this before I do my makeup so it's had all that time to set.  Then apply your fave red lipstick in your preferred method (I just swipe it on straight from the tube).  The stain really acts as a foundation for the lipstick to grip to, and since it's got (1) more staying power and (2) is similar in color to your red lipstick, when said red lipstick fades it won't be as noticeable and it will take longer to fade, too!

In all, this was an awesome Ipsy Glam Bag.  I really like all of the products and have been using the hell out of them.

Have I convinced you to subscribe to Ipsy yet? Click my link and sign up!


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