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T-Mobile Free Data For Life Tablet ~ DIY Tablet Case

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TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop
Hi lovelies! Today I'm going to show you how to make a super easy tablet case!  

I just recently got this T-Mobile free data tablet to allow me to still work on SnS while dealing with the whole school-is-back-in-session schedule stuff.  Both of my kiddos play soccer, and between games and practices, there's soccer 6 days a week - meaning no down time for me.  I love going to their practices, but more times than not I'm cursing the lack of wifi because I could totally be working on my blog while watching the kids play.  

Now this awesome T-Mobile tablet has free data (200MB/month) for LIFE!  Can you believe that?!  I couldn't either.  Of course, it also runs on wifi so I only turn on the data use when I'm not near a source of wifi.  The data runs on the T-Mobile's 4G nationwide network, so it works pretty much everywhere with super fast speed.  Oh, and it's only $179 too.

If you want more data?  There's overage plans for that!  {More after the jump!}

TMobile Trio Tablet Free Data #TabletTrio #shop

This amazing tablet is available at Walmart, I was able to find it at the tablet kiosk, as shown below. 

TMobile Trio Free Data Tablet Walmart #TabletTrio #shopTMobile Trio Free Data Tablet Walmart #TabletTrio #shop
Amazing right?  I still can't believe it was under $200, even with tax! 

So I don't want my new tablet getting scratched or anything when I put it in my tote bag for soccer practices.  I need a case for it, and of course I'm gonna DIY it!

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case Supplies  #TabletTrio #shop

You'll need:
  • A cotton placemat
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

Take your placemat, fold it in thirds and determine how much excess you'll need to cut off.  Snip it right off.

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

We need to create a new bottom hem so the fabric doesn't fray.  Fold it up a bit and crease it by running the edge of your closed scissors over it.

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

Fold it all back in thirds and make sure that your bottom hem is all tucked in nicely too.

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

Working on the top side now, figure out how far down you'll need to snip one piece's side to make the flap for the case.  Snip it and fold it under.

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

Thread your needle and knot one end.  Start sewing by pushing the needle from the inside to the outside as shown.  We're going to just do a simple whipstitch around all the sides, leaving the top open for now.

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

When you reach the top on the other side, knot and trim your thread.  Apply your velcro by peeling off the adhesive backing and putting the bottom piece down with the top piece still velcro'd to it.  Remove the backing from the top piece, fold the flap over and press down good.  I also did a few stitches to hold it in place.

Resume sewing the top closed, and do decorative (matching) stitching along the inner top, right above the velcro.

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

TMobile Trio Tablet DIY Case #TabletTrio #shop

That's it!  It really couldn't be simpler, just queue up your fave show on tv and you'll be done after an episode or maybe two :)

While this won't protect my tablet from drops or anything like that, it's a great solution for my needs and how I'll be using it.

How would you customize your own case?


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