Monday, July 21, 2014

My June Whimseybox ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  You may (or may not!) have heard of the awesome company, Whimseybox.  It's a community for makers.  It's a one stop shop for the best in DIY and crafts.  It's a place to be inspired and buy the supplies for your next project.  Aaaand it's the original DIY craft monthly subscription box (and only $15/month!).  Whimseybox is located in Boulder, CO, so I've been fortunate to have met the team a few times and they are even more amazing than you could imagine!  

What I love especially about Whimseybox is that you learn a new craft skill every month.  Seriously.  This month it was all about gold leafing (I threw in some silver too, to make it my own!), previous month's projects have included wool felting, paper flower-making, calligraphy, air-dry clay, cement, hand sewing, macrame, and making your own hand scrub and lotion, just to name a few!  {More after the jump!}

Here's the contents of the June Whimseybox.  It came with a wooden frame, gold leafing sheets, leafing adhesive, sealant, a foam brush and a natural hair brush. There were also rubber gloves, but my cat loves to eat rubber (so weird, I know) so they didn't last the second I left the room.

Each box, as I mentioned, is a new craft.  Remember earning girl scout badges every time you learned a new skill?  This is like that, but for grown up DIY addicts.  So each month you get a button with an adorable image of the skill. I collect all mine on my hand-sewn felt wallet from a previous box.

The ladies (and gent, hi Patrick!) at Whimseybox HQ never miss a detail.  So of course the little folder that holds the leafing sheets had this adorable quote on it.  And it may be my favorite thing in the box!

Every box comes with an exclusive 5" x 7" art print, which is also your instructions.

I told you, these ladies don't miss a single detail, including what to do with your leftover pieces of leafing - don't throw them away!  I used mine to gild some shells :)

My decor is silver with some small gold accents, so I used some silver leafing sheets I had on hand to cover the front of the frame, and used the gold sheets to cover the inside and outside edges.  Of course I cut down the pineapple print to fit in my new frame!

It looks lovely on my mantel, and look at that shine!

I love leafing, it can be a bit messy but super easy to clean up.  I also like how it can come out kind of imperfect, giving it a more aged and weathered look to it's otherwise mirror-shine likeness.

So, that's my June Whimseybox!  I hope I've piqued your interest, if so, click my link to sign up and get $5 off your subscription! Yay!


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