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How to Survive Summer Road Trips ~ With Bigelow Tea #AmericasTea #Shop

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DIY Facial Mists Bigelow Tea #shop #americastea #cbias

Hi lovelies!  Today I'm sharing some of my favorite road trip tips with you!  I've partnered with #CollectiveBias to show how Bigelow Tea (#AmericasTea) can be a part of your road trip.  We take a lot of road trips, whether it's just small ones around Colorado or longer ones, like the one we took to South Dakota a few weeks ago.  Now when we road trip, it's with the intent on going somewhere awesome and beautiful, but most importantly, it's to go hiking and be outdoors with some of the most majestic scenery there is.  {Click to keep reading!}

Me at Badlands!

Being in nature's beauty certainly has its perks, but it also pays a price on my skin (see above for proof!).  I've found some of the best remedies are natural ones, and the incredible healing power of tea happens to be a common ingredient.  I like to stock up on my favorite Bigelow Teas at Walmart before I leave, and make a few potions in foresight of wreaking havoc on my skin.

Bigelow Tea #shop #cbias #americastea

DIY Facial Mists Bigelow Tea #shop #americastea #cbias

To make your facial mists, you'll need:
  • Bigelow teas (I used Green Tea, Pomegranate Black Tea, and Cozy Chamomile)
  • Essential oils + additives (I used Vitamin E liquid, pure aloe vera, lavender essential oil and rosehip oil)
  • Spray bottles
  • Measuring cup
  • Funnel

DIY Green Tea Facial Mist #shop #cbias #americastea

To make:

  • Add your tea bag to 1/2 cup of boiling water.  Let steep for a good hour or so. 
  • Pour into bottle.  Add about 10-15 drops of essential oil.
  • Shake well.  Keep refrigerated.

DIY Bigelow Pomegranate Black Tea Lavender Aloe Facial Mist #shop #cbias #americastea

This facial mist is a black tea/lavender/aloe combination to be used if (when) I get sunburned.  My skin is so sensitive that if I don't reapply sunscreen every 45 minutes (or about 20 minutes if I'm sweating), I'll burn.  Black tea is known to relieve and treat sunburns.  The tannins in it accelerate skin regeneration, which also can help reduce wrinkles and prevent pimples. Lavender helps to soothe dry skin, and aloe, well, we all know aloe is magical for helping treat sunburns.

Applying this after a long hike ensures I won't be crippled in pain with my burned skin, and it will heal much faster.  As a bonus, this is also perfect to calm skin after shaving!

DIY Bigelow Chamomile Tea Rosehip oil Facial Mist #shop #cbias #americastea

Chamomile tea is a night-time favorite of mine.  A cup of it before bed ensures I'll sleep well.  But chamomile also reduces inflammation and accelerates the healing process for minor wounds.  Rosehip oil is an awesome source of Vitamin C, and it has anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and anti-viral properties.  Chamomile soothes dry skin, and is a skin brightener too!  So this chamomile tea and rosehip oil concoction is amazing to spritz with before bed and in the morning.  But it's also got a bonus use, too!  Use it on bug bites, another unfortunate side effect of hiking.

DIY Bigelow Green Tea Vitamin E oil Facial Mist #shop #cbias #americastea

My third potion is a mixture of green tea and vitamin E.  Green tea is so good for you.  It's the antioxidants that can do so much for you, like reducing and repairing sun damage from UV rays.  These antioxidants also help fight acne and keep skin looking young.  Vitamin E locks in moisture and helps heal the skin.  This concoction I use as just a wake-me-up-I-feel-gross-and-dirty-and-tired-get-me-out-of-this-car spray.  Bonus - it's got these awesome benefits to help your skin! 

DIY Bigelow Sun Tea  #shop #cbias #americastea

Hey!  We've gotta drink tea, too!  My favorite way of including my favorite drink is to make suntea while we're hiking!  I bring along a large mason jar, fill it with water and add about 6 teabags.  Sit it in the sun outside the car, or wherever you can.  When you get back to it a few hours later, fill your cup with some ice from the cooler (or ice machine in the hotel!) and enjoy yourself some yummy iced sun tea!  If you like yours sweet, add sugar to the mason jar at the beginning!

Find Bigelow Tea Walmart Shelves  #shop #cbias #americastea

You can find Bigelow Tea in the tea aisle at your local Walmart, where I picked up mine.  I prefer Bigelow over other brands because the foil pouches keep the tea super fresh.  The aroma when you open the pouch is my favorite part!  Bigelow is also 3-generation family owned company that makes its products here in the USA.  There's a ton of varieties, it's inexpensive, and it tastes soooo good!

Right now, Bigelow Tea is having a contest on its Facebook page in which you can win a Bigelow Tea Plantation Mint Tea Gift Set!  Yay!

Click here to enter Bigelow Tea's Made in the USA Sweepstakes

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  1. These are so creative and awesome! I also have sensitive skin and burn easily. I'm currently sitting in a hotel room with a sunburn from a fun water park day during a family vacation. I'll definitely be bringing along some Bigelow tea next time! #client


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