Friday, November 29, 2013

Shopping at Target on Black Friday #MKOH #MyKindOfHoliday

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Hi lovelies!  Shopping on Black Friday is a kind of tradition for me.  I mean, I always do it but I'm not one of those crazies that camps out or tramples people and grabs random crap I don't need.  I usually only go to Target because they have great deals on things for my kids.  I can easily save about 50% by shopping the deals.  Best part about it?  I can sleep in on Friday and head out late morning/early afternoon and still not miss out!

A few of my tips n tricks are:
  • Study the sales circular to find the best Black Friday deals and research to make sure that it's *truly* a great deal.  That awesome Lego set may have a tempting price tag, but a quick search can yield a better price elsewhere.
  • Download the store map to find where the deals are located in your local Target store.  Remember there are usually cardboard bins and shelves throughout the store, so those movies you're eyeing may not be in their normal section but instead in women's clothing.
  • Use your redcard to save 5% automatically (seriously, if you don't do this you're crazy).  It's so easy to get a Target debit card so the money still comes out of your checking account but you save $$!  
  • Match the deals you're shopping for to the available coupons and Cartwheel offers to save even more money on the things you already buy.
Now, here's what I went for:

Best part?  I spent well under $100 and got a 20% off coupon to use next week!  So hurry up and head to your local Target to get some Black Friday shopping in, without all the craziness!


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