Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Mani ~ Can't Find My Czechbook + Ulta Nail FX Review!

Hi lovelies!  You may remember in my Ulta Haul Vlog from last week (if you didn't watch it, check it out now!) that I got OPI's new 'Can't Find My Czechbook' as well as this incredible collection of topcoats, Ulta Nail FX.  And as promised, I've swatched them!  First of all, I really love this gorgeous shade of blue from OPI, I think that this Euro Centrale collection may be my favorite one yet.  {Click to keep reading!}

Color Enhancing Topcoat ~ Brightens and intensifies any nail enamel.  Pops in direct sunlight and glows under blacklight.  I really love the subtle brightening effect it gives.  It seems to just kick the color up a notch, which is kind of fun!  I don't have a blacklight, nor do I have sunlight (it's friggen snowing out!) so I can't attest to the other claims, but I really can't wait to try those aspects!

Matte Topcoat ~ Create a matte effect when applied over any shade.  This is a great matte topcoat.  It works well and gives a great matte finish.  I apologize for the out of focus photos; my daughter took these pics for me and I did the best I could with what I had ha!  The flash does give a little shine effect on the nail, but it really is a true matte finish.

Holographic Topcoat ~ Futuristic rainbow holographic effect when used alone.  Silvery holographic frost when used over any colored nail enamel.  This. Is. Amazing.  It seriously turns your polish into a holo, and I feel the set is worth buying if only just for this!  It's hard to capture the rainbow effect in a picture, but IRL it is a true (and hard to find!) holo.  I haven't used it alone yet, but I sure will be soon!

Smokey Topcoat ~ Gives any shade of nail polish a dark smokey effect.  Extends wear and increase shine. I do love how this darkens the color, it's pretty fun! It goes on a little thick, and I wanted to do a thin coat, so this may need a drop or two of nail polish thinner.  But all in all, I really like the effect it gives.

Final Verdict I absolutely love the Ulta Nail FX set, and feel the $14 price tag for it is such a steal for what you get.  It's pretty much a way to turn any (and all!) of your nail polishes into 4 additional ones.  I recommend you go NOW and buy it!


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  1. wow, so cool to see each one. they're all so fun, though like when there's more of a sheen like in the first one. pretty!



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