Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY ~ Studded Satin Cord Cobra Bracelets

Hi lovelies!  Long overdue, I have a new DIY for you!  If you remember wayyyy back in the day, I did 30 days of DIY and on the 30th day, I made cobra bracelets from brightly colored rope.  I'm still a huge fan of this knot, but decided to glam it up a bit this time by using satin cord and studs!  {Keep reading for the how-to!}

You'll need:

Start by folding your interior cord in half, leaving a loop of about half an inch above where you start tying your knots.  Using a clipboard really helps because I leave that part under the clip.  A safety pin can work just as well.  Center your exterior cord under the interior, and begin tying your knots.  Remember you are always going to be using the same piece, start on the right bring it over the center cords, take the left cord and bring it under the right cord you just brought over to the left, under the center cords, and up and through the loop created from the right cord.  Now start from the left and repeat.  The above image shows a left knot.

Keep going until you reach about 7" or so of the knotted pattern.

Trim the excess of the main color.

Singe the ends with a lighter and use the butt of the lighter to press the melted cord into itself, thereby adhering it.

Take the remaining ends and tie them into a knot. Trim and singe and press as well.

Now it's time to stud!  I chose these regal looking crests to go with a bright and regal purple!

Apply a small but generous amount of super glue to the inside of the stud.

Press the stud (and its prongs) into the bracelet, pressing firmly for a good 30 seconds.  Repeat with the other studs.  If you notice any starting to lift a little, go back and press some more.

And voila!  To wear, wrap around your wrist inserting the knot through the loop.  That's it!

Make them in as many colors as you like!


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