Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY ~ Dainty Bracelet Using Fishing Swivel Links

Hi lovelies!  Today's DIY is a fun, dainty bracelet.  As much as I love bold pieces, I have such an affinity toward soft, dainty pieces as well.  Remember the jewelry from hardware trend?  I'm saying bye (for now!) to Home Depot and hello! to Bass Pro Shop!    {Click for the how to!}

You'll need one pack of snap swivels.  That's it.  I picked up a few packs at Walmart, but you can buy these at any store that carries fishing supplies.  These are used to create an easy on/off hook to your line, so that if your hook comes off you don't have to go about the whole process of tying on a new hook, floater, sinker, bait, etc.  (that's my understanding at least lol!)  I, however, saw these as links!

They open and close similar to a safety pin!

Attach them to one another this way.

Since each 'link' is roughly an inch long, I used 7 to make my bracelet.

The same way you attached them will also be your closure.

A great twist on the nautical trend, these are so simple to make (seriously it took me maybe a minute), go with anything since they're mixed metals, and look great alone as they would with a stack.

Now with Father's Day approaching, this would be a great little gift for dad, especially if he likes to fish!

Would you wear this bracelet?  Would you have guessed what it was made from if I hadn't told you?

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