Monday, May 20, 2013

My Mani ~ OPI Black Spotted Review & Ulta Holo

Hi lovelies!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend, now it's off to another fabulous week!  Today's mani is one I'm super excited about.  I've been drooling over OPI's Spotted effect top coat for a while now, hoping it would be released here, but alas, it was only a European release.  I finally decided to hop on eBay to see how much it was going for, and to my surprise I found a bottle for less than $15 shipped!  Of course I bought it, I mean, I'd be crazy not to... right?  RIGHT?  {Click to keep reading!}

Since the Spotted topcoat gives an oil-slick finish, I wanted a holographic polish underneath to really make the effect pop.  Of course, I had just the polish (remember my post on this set of topcoats from Ulta?)  I used two coats of the holo and let them dry super thoroughly before I added a very thin coat of Spotted.

And here's the products!  Spotted by OPI (in black, I don't believe it was released in other colors), and Ulta's Holographic Topcoat.  I highly recommend investing in this Spotted topcoat, it's pretty incredible and unlike anything else out there.  It does require some playing around with it to get the coverage right, I found that even with hardly any polish on the brush it still gave a really good coverage.

Have you tried or heard of this polish?

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