Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Glow In The Dark Decorative Pumpkins

Ahhhh it's Fall, my fave!  I'm obsessed with Halloween and admittedly began putting my insane amounts of decorations up this weekend.  But I realized I had nothing for outside my front door and wanted to do some snazzy faux pumpkins.  What perfect timing, when iLoveToCreate sent me some fabulous glow in the dark puffy paint!  I knew it was time to get my DIY on.  {More after the break}

Faux pumpkins, the black one was $8 in the Halloween department and the three shiny ones were $2.50 a piece in the dollar area, all from Target.

And the awesome set of puffy paints!

My camera really wasn't cooperating, but here's how it kinda looks glowing.  Except you can really see it when it glows, and my camera really didn't feel like capturing it.

And here they are!  I took matching colors of puffy paint and drew lines in the crevices of the colored pumpkins, and used the 'Natural Glow' colored paint to draw "BOO!" on the black one.  I think they came out so cute!  The project couldn't be simpler, and I must admit, it was rather nostalgic to use puffy paints again!

iLoveToCreate has a TON of really amazing DIY Halloween projects up on their website, I'd highly recommend you check it out!  Or, check them out and say hi on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Disclosure: I was provided the mentioned product to review as part of a campaign with iLoveToCreate and The Blueprint Social.  All opinions are always my own.


PS ~ Check out below what some of the other amazing bloggers came up with as well!


  1. love the idea of glow in the dark paint!!! im painting instead of carving this year too, but havent decided what im going to do just yet :) thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  2. I love holiday decorations...these are so cute, I love that they glow!

  3. oooh glow in the dark, awesome idea!! and i am having a crafting day with a friend this saturday, need to head over to michaels for some crafts and glow in the dark paint

  4. Great pumpkins!!, i love Halloween !!

  5. finally you're back blogging, GEEERL! love the glow in the dark. and unless you're some kind of master, taking pictures of black stuff with glow effect it's kind of impossible!! I'm impressed that you could actually show a picture!! xoxox

  6. You did a great job making these pumpkins extra spooky Lia :)

  7. Such a cute idea!! Even though your camera wasn't really cooperating, I can tell the paint was really glowing. Perfect way to have pumpkins glow at night without using a candle.

  8. I might head to Target to get me some of these pumpkins. Love what you did with glow in the dark paint!

  9. Glowing pumpkims!? How cute is that???


  10. The perfect Halloween decoration! Glow in the dark + pumpkin!!!


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