Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY Spooky Skeleton Halloween Centerpiece

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I've been busy crafting up more Halloween decorations to add to the obscene amount I already have up!  I realized I needed something for my table, and a short trip to the dollar store later, I had everything I needed to create a spooky centerpiece!  {More after the break}

I spent a total of $16 for this project, which in the scheme of things really isn't much!  Here's what you'll need, you may even have some of it on hand!  (I bought enough supplies to make three vases to cluster, you can make as many as you want!)

  • Spiderweb lace witches hats 
  • Plastic skeletons
  • Purple faux flowers (I bought a total of 6; 2 per vase)
  • Vases, jars, whatever you have on hand!
  • Skull platter (not pictured)
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Scissors

Cut the pointy hat part off of the brim, as shown above.  Save the brims, we will use these for another project!

Cut the lining out from the lace part of the cone.  This is what you'll have: a lovely piece of spiderweb lace fabric!  The next steps aren't pictured, but it's extremely simple.  Brush on Mod Podge in sections to your vase, apply the fabric to the area, cover with more Mod Podge.  Repeat until the entire vase is covered, trim the excess.  You may need to cut the lace into pieces so it fits any shaped vases better.  Once dry (I let dry overnight), add your skeletons and flowers, place on the platter and voila!

Finished!  I love these and think that they add the perfect amount of spookiness!  Check back soon to see what to do with the brims from those hats!



  1. So funny and cute. I love how you mod-podged lace to clear vases. looks cute.

  2. i love the lace vase idea. this is so awesome
    Xo Megan


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