Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Spooky Skull Frames

Hey lovelies!  As promised in yesterday's post, here's what to do with the leftover brims from the witches' hats!  {More after the break}

Here's what I was left with after removing the cone parts.  I thought they'd make perfect frames for these cardboard cutout skulls I picked up at the dollar store (pack of 4 for $1)

I simply hung them on the wall...

And taped the skulls underneath them to the wall!  Easy peasy; took about 3 minutes!  I bought the cardboard skull decorations with the intention of framing them somehow, and this worked out perfectly!

Hope you're all having fun crafting for Halloween!


  1. oh my god i LOVE these! how easy is that? and it does the job of setting the scene. awesome diy girl :)

  2. SO COOL! I just bought these skulls to decorate but hung them out by themselves, the frames make them look way cooler! Need to do this asap :)


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