Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DailyBuzz Style 9x9 ~ December: DIY Holiday Gifts

Hiya lovelies!  I was beyond thrilled to be selected by the editors of DailyBuzz Style to participate in this month's 9x9 challenge, DIY Holiday Gifts.  My post will be featured on their website on Thursday, along with the other 8 bloggers chosen.  Is that right up my alley or what?  I've seen so many cute ideas lately, and I've really wanted to create some vintage china teacup candles.  So I did just that!

I found the teacups and saucers at my local thrift store, and bought the candle making supplies at the craft store.  Here's the how-to: {More after the jump}

How cute did these come out?  I think I need to pick up more supplies to make more for myself now!  The best part is that once the candle is gone, the residue wax can easily be removed.  Now my girlfriends will have an adorable teacup to add to their collections :)



  1. Congrats Lia! I am not surprised at all...all your DIYs rock! This is SO cute! I want to try this little project out asap!

  2. Martha Stewart did this a few years ago and I was so excited by the idea! It is really beautiful.

  3. How sweet! Now I definitely want to make my own!

  4. These are awesome! You should etsy these bad-boys!

    xo Teresa


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