Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 DIYs of Christmas ~ Day 1 ~ Glittered on the Inside Ornaments

Hiya lovelies!  I've done so many Christmas crafts lately, that I thought I'd do a 12 DIYs of Christmas, seeing how there's (EEK!) only 12 days left until Christmas!

For these ornaments, I wanted them to be glittered, but not on the outside.  I wanted the clear class to show off the glitter on the inside, but I didn't want the glitter to be loose.  So I used a paper jello shot cup (idk what else to call these little bitty ones?) and filled it about 1/3 full of water and squeezed about a tablespoon of Elmer's glue inside and mixed it up really well.  Here's the how-to:

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And there ya have it!  I love how the glass makes the glitter that much more sparkly!  These look fabulous on my tree and will on yours as well.  They took about 5 minutes to make and cost so little too.  Make sure you're following along (pick your poison in the right sidebar), I'll have lots more DIY projects coming!



  1. while i don't do christmas, these are so fun!! who couldn't love a little christmas sparkle? :)

  2. I love these!!! I'm sooo going to do this project!

  3. Love it! I don't usually do crafts but I think I'd try this one.


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