Saturday, December 24, 2011

12 DIYs of Christmas ~ Day 11: DIY Wreaths

Merry Christmas Eve, lovelies!  I showed you these three little wreaths I have hanging up in my last post, so I thought I share with you how I made them!  Now I don't have step by step pics, since I made these last year.  But they were so easy, that it's not even needed :) {More after the jump}

For this first ivory one, I used a wreath form, ivory ribbon, and ivory styrofoam vase fillers, all from the dollar store ($3 total).  I hot glued the ribbon to cover the entire wreath form, and made a loop as well and hot glued it to the back.  I applied hot glue about a square inch at a time and stuck the little styrofoam vase fillers on.  That's it!

For the next one, I used a wreath form and black ribbon from the dollar store ($2), and about half a bag of black feathers from Hobby Lobby ($5) for a total of $4.50!  I again covered the entire wreath form in black ribbon, then used a piece of skinnier ribbon I had on hand to make the loop.  I then began hot-gluing on the feathers one at a time counterclockwise (it was a lot easier than it sounds!), ensuring that the plumes were facing the same direction and that the ends of the next feathers covered the plumes of the previous ones.

For the last one, I used a wreath form and some red tinsel garland from the dollar store ($2 total).  I hot glued the garland around the entire wreath.  I then used some red ribbon I had on hand to create the loop.

I used thumbtacks to hang the ribbons to the wall, and that's it!  I especially love the different textures of the wreaths.  So, for $9.50 I have three small wreaths decorating my wall.  Now run down to the dollar store and get crafting!


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  1. I just discovered your blog thanks to Carly's blog "Chic Steals" and I love it! Your DIY 'S are beautiful, you are an artist!
    I leave my last post, a wonderful mask to go to the last divine feast of the year! Hope you like!


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