Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY: Calypso St. Barth Inspired Braided Wrap Bracelet

I fell in LOVE with these Calypso St. Barth braided wrap bracelets at Target, but am not going to spend $15 on a bracelet I can make for sooo much less!
I had all the items I needed in my craft closet!
I wanted my bracelet to wrap around 4 times, so I measured out the rope to be about 4.5 times the circumference of my wrist, measured loosely.  Cut another piece of rope the same length as well as a length of chain.  Attach one end of the chain to a jump ring.  Knot both pieces of rope to the jump ring, and finally attach one end of the clasp to the jump ring before closing it.  Use a lighter to melt the ends of the rope and push the ends into each knot, kind of gluing them together.
Braid it all, and repeat the process for the other jump ring on the end.  Trim any excess rope and chain.
And wear it!  I used silver chain and red rope, but I'm going to get some different colors as well and use some gold chain and some copper (faux rose gold) chain too!  Stay tuned, I'll post more pics!
So what do you think?  Love?  I do!  Maybe I'll add these to my etsy shop once I get it up....



  1. should i copicats you or the calypso st. barth one ??
    I love it!!!

  2. You are like the most creative person EVER!! I love it, look just like the real thing.

  3. I LOVE this! So cute!! Can you make me one ;)

    Oh and "Tribal" was the word I was looking for so thank you!!

  4. What a great diy! I always love how you are able to recreate jewelry and other accessories you see in the store! Very cute!


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