Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's Tips: Cold Water Bottle and How to Remove Sticker Residue

Hey lovelies!!  I am starting a new series with some of my tips that I thought weren't so super duper, but apparently some people think they are pretty rad!  So please let me know if this is a feature you would like to see more of!
I'm pretty obsessive about recycling and upcycling whenever possible.  I drink alot of vodka from time to time, and was inspired by a swanky little restaurant in Denver who uses their empty liquor bottles for water bottles they bring to your table.  I washed my empty in the dishwasher, and used some adhesive remover (more on that below!) to remove the rest of the label.  I keep the bottle in the fridge, filled with water.  This way I always have super duper cold water on hand, and when I give guests a glass of water, they *always* ask how I got my water so cold!  I mean, you could use ice, but everybody does that.  I like this way of sprucing up my plain tap water :)

I buy alot of my shoes at TJ Maxx.  You seriously can't go wrong for the price, it's hit and miss though, like everything there.  Anyhow....I *hate* those friggen stickers they put inside that NEVER peel off nicely.  Grrrr.  I used to just peel them off as best I could and then hope the rest wears off.  But it just got yucky instead.  So here's what to do.
Peel off as much of the sticker as you can, leaving just the residue.
This stuff is beyond genius.  If you don't have it, go get it!  It has a little sponge applicator and then the scrape-y cap.  So using the sponge, press a little and rub the liquid into the residue.  The majority of it should come off this way.  Then after letting it sit for about 20 seconds, put the scraper cap on and use it to scrape off the rest of the residue.  Repeat if necessary.
And there ya go!  It took about 2-3 minutes to get it all off, and it looks like it was never there!
So what do you think of these tips?  Do you have any tips to share?  Please email them to me and I'll include them next week!


  1. do you know that you're making my life so much easier? i hate labels. i take 'em off from almost anything, cosmetic, things in the pantry, you name it. and some labels are hideous to get off. i'll never thank you enough. uh, and of course, tj maxx and marshall's are my best friends too :)

  2. That is a fabulous idea about reusing the glass bottles! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i coulda used this tip forever ago! will def come in handy. thanks!

  4. This is so handy! I hate picking off those sticky tags. Thanks for making it so much easier.


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