Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coral Shoes...Friday's Outfit

Hi my lovelies!  How much do you love this outfit?  I love it tons, mostly because of the shoes!  The Budget Babe featured them in a post a few months ago (they are from Kohls and were only $45!!) and I went right out and bought them.  They are hiiiiigh, but I love my heels.  Besides, there's like a 1.5" platform anyways so the heel height isn't that bad. 
Shoes: Kohls, Jeans: Seven 7 via TJMaxx, Top: Old Navy, Necklace and Earrings: Walmart, Watch: Nixon, Bracelet: DIY
I didn't have my little photographers last night, so these are all timer'd shots...apologies for the lame background :)
So I have a question for you all.  I wore this to work yesterday, and felt like I was rockin it!  I was walking to the cafeteria with a male coworker, when he pointed out all the women looking me up and down giving me dirty looks.  Ladies, why do we do that?!  I had never noticed it before.  Is it because they/we are insecure and jealous?  I have no idea, but I was super pissed.   I later had an older coworker tell me that I must have a Napoleon complex because I have to wear heels all the time.   I had to literally bite my tongue until it started bleeding and count to 100 to not rip the b$tches face off.  Ughhhhh anyways....
Cheers to the weekend.  Stay thirsty my friends :)



  1. these coral shoes are beautiful and the outfit is totally appropriate for work.
    There's absolutely nothing wrong in wearing heels at work, i think your collegues felt like you were sizing up the competion. :P
    About the older coworker, maybe he has the napoleon complex,he feels insecure because you look down on him.
    All i see is that at your office, you draw all the attention! :D

  2. the heck with these biotches!!! :) you look stunning. for work and for a good beer! :) have a good weekend and don't worry :)

  3. I'm so proud of you for not loosing your cool! Way to go. We all should wear what we want. It's nobody's business what we're wearing.

  4. You look great! I'm not sure why women do those types of things! People shouldn't waste their energy being jealous of or rude to others. I just don't understand. Also, I think the Napoleon complex comment was ridiculous! I'm slightly taller than average, but still mostly have heels because I think heels are so pretty. Seriously, what a dumb comment.

  5. those shoes are killer -- and not only in looks but ankle pain! haha, you are a stronger woman than I! I tried them on, and would have totally purchased if a little shorter heel. BUT, at the same time, a little sad I didn't go for it because they look so awesome on you. And, adoring the bold bright necklace with your pink top. And, the beer. :)

  6. oh, and it's stupic jealously. women can be so ridiculous sometimes. boo to them! rock it, hot stuff! :)

  7. Women at work make comments all the time about my high heels. I think they have issues with tall women wearing high heels. If they look painful...so what. As Bobby Brown would say "It's my perrogative." Keep on rocking the heels!


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