Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Take on Summer 2011 Trends

Wow, there are so many trends running rampant this summer.  I think that the most common thread shared by most is COLOR!!  Color is everywhere!!  From orange and pink colorblocking to neon accessories to yellow nails, it's safe to say that Summer 2011 trends are not for wallflowers.  It's notice me, in your face color!  It's you-can-see-me-coming-from-2-blocks-away color!  

Spring 2011 Colors from Pantone
Corresponding clothing in Pantone hues
In all shapes and sizes, everything is colorful. From bodycon minis to full on maxis, oversized tees to barely there camis and everything in between, there are no rules.  Maybe keep in mind proportion and silhouette, always a good idea.  A bright orange fitted tee tucked into a neon pink maxi skirt?  Yes please!  A bright pink slouchy oversized tee with structured bottoms?  Done.
Even shoes aren't for the color-phobic.  Is that a real phobia?  (Eeeek, yep and it's called chromophobia).  Brightly hued coral heels are now a summer staple for me.  Gorgeous cobalt, even lemony yellow heels are showing up on the most haute fashionistas.
This amazing trend has even found its way into beauty.  That's right.  Bright blue lids paired with coral lips?  Absolutely!  Lime green lined eyes?  Magenta pout?  Yes and yes!  Don't be afraid to pair bright lips with bright eyes.  It's okay to break the carnal rule of one or the other but not both.  The key here is moderation.  Try a sheer sweep of turquoise on unlined eyes, a single coat of mascara paired with a bright coral lipstick and matching gloss.  Or bright green lids and lime rimmed eyes paired with a sheer pink wash on lips.  It will go perfectly with that breezy maxi and tank you're rocking with those wedges!

MAC Summer collection
Let the color drip down.... to your fingers and toes!  Turquoise, chartreuse, buttery yellow, coral, orange, hot pink.  If you're afraid to put too much commitment into a trend you feel won't be around long, spend a few bucks at the local drugstore on some bright hues for your digits!  Toss on a statement necklace and some bangles and you're good to go!
For those without endless funds or a home to refinance, it can also be done frugally!  I picked up this ON-SPOT vintage Hawaiian dress at the local thrift store a few weeks ago for $3.  No joke!  The fabulous thing about brights is that thrift and vintage stores are LOADED with them.  Think 80s neon and colorblocking, 60s mod, 70s boho.  Mix that all together in a blender and you're left with Summer 11.
So where do you stand?  Are you chromophobic?  Or are you loving and embracing this trend?



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  2. Your dress is a great example of these bold & beautiful warm colours.

  3. Love your outfit- it's gorgeous! You look so good and you know I am all about color! I have that Essie nail polish in turquoise and love it!

  4. Loving that dress! The color trend is such a fun adventure, though I haven't really dipped into it much yet. I love all the inspiration you have here!

  5. I love your little makeup collage. Great dress!

  6. I love the outfits! nice color combination ;)

  7. I love bold vibrant color, so I am all over this trend! Love your look, so colorful and vivacious...You look Beautiful!


  8. You look so, so pretty Lia! Love the color... and those shoes/nail polishes are so glorious... can't wait to put one on TUesday (mani/pedi night!!).


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