Tuesday, February 1, 2011

William Rast Inspired Grommet Sleeve Sweatshirt DIY

YAY!  This is such a momentous occasion.  I've finally finished a DIY and am posting it!  I saw this William Rast shirt a while back and DIED. 

I figured I could do something super similar and headed out to buy supplies.  I got a Fruit of the Loom men's size medium dark gray sweatshirt from WalMart for $5 and then went to Hobby Lobby and found an eyelet kit and grabbed several packages of more 1/4" eyelets.  Not realizing how many I needed, I didn't get enough and had to go back and get more. It would be cheaper and easier to buy them in bulk online, I HIGHLY suggest it!

 Supplies needed:

~Eyelets and anvil and hammer or eyelet pliers
~Measuring Tape
~Fabric pencil/chalk

Cut the sleeves off the sweatshirt at about elbow length.  I saved them because I *may* want to add pockets in the front, like the William Rast one.

Measure out how far apart you want your grommets to be, I did mine 2" apart and staggered rows.   Using your fabric pencil or chalk, mark the spot for the grommet.

 Use your scissors and cut a small X for the grommet to go through. Make sure it's small enough that the whole grommet will not fit, but large enough for the little part to go through.

 Either using the anvil and hammer or special grommet setting pliers, attach the grommets. Over and over and over :)

 Here's one finished sleeve!  I love the raw edges!

Final product!  I also cut the neck line out.  I have the strangest obsession where I need to cut the neck off of non-hooded sweatshirts.  You could cut more of the neck off and make it more of a Flashdance style top!

With my kids' school closed today (the high today is like -4* and the wind chill is -24*) I am SO not going anywhere today...maybe I'll even finish one of the numerous DIYs in progress!!


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