Friday, February 11, 2011

My Two Week No Smoke-iversary Present!

(sorry for the crappy quality...took the photo on my iPhone)
I just got my new neon yellow Manolos in today, after the lovely Grace from Stripes and Sequins featured them on her blog in a post about neons.  I ordered them last Friday, which was my 2 week no smoking anniversary!!  Gotta reward myself, ya know?  Well they came in today, and since the weather here in Colorado is *finally* going to be gorgeous and in the upper 50s next week, I've already planned my outfit for work on Monday, with my own versions of what I've put together to show the overall look (except for the shoes!)

Welcome to Polyvore!
What do you think?  I'm pretty stoked on it :)  I'm all about the neon trend, look for a TON more posts coming soon from me on it, as well as some DIYs... ;)

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