Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's coming up roses...

I am loving all the rose gold everywhere right now. I was looking at the jewelry aisle in Walmart and found some amazing rose gold colored chain and picked them up!  I really haphazardly threw this necklace together in about 30 mins.  Here's the materials I used:
I got the rusty rose colored embroidery floss and decided to blanket stitch two strands of silver chain together.  I didn't take any pics, but you could google blanket stitch and easily do it if you're not already familiar with it.
 That's a nice view of the blanket stitch...
I attached a silver jump ring to the end of each chain and then another jump ring connecting the two together, done on both ends.
Then I took the clasps off the chains and opened the jump rings.  I cut random lengths of chain since I didn't want this to look 'perfect' or forced.  Just start attaching the chains to the jump rings.

When you have all the chains you want attached, link the silver jump rings on as well, followed by the clasps.
 Take the necklace and lay it flat, with each end of the clasp laid straight out.
 Using more jump rings, randomly gather sections of chain together.
 I have this antiqued goldish colored angel wing charm I got (amongst a zillion other amazing charms) from Magnolia etsy shop.  Seriously, there is SO MUCH amazing stuff on there!  Anyways, I attached that to one of the jump rings.
 I decided I wanted to add some more randomness of the thicker chain, so I opened a link and attached it to the main chain.
 There it is!  Super simple, yet kinda complex, and totally haphazard and random :)
I also made some matching earrings, I just cut varying random lengths of chain and attached them to a jump ring and then to an earring hook.  Easy peasy!  Thanks for checking my DIY out!


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