Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspired DIYs by My Fave DIYers Part 1

There are some amazing DIYs that I come across where I literally stop in my tracks and have to put everything else I am working on on hold.  These are the first two!
The first one I initially saw on Honestly... WTF and was instantly smitten.  I knew I had to make it.
Then I saw Stripes and Sequins version, where instead of a bracelet she made a necklace.  That was my stop dead in my tracks moment.  
This is my version :)  I have this envelope clutch I bought a while ago that came with a chain handle which I removed and have been holding on to, waiting to do something amazing with.  I bought two skeins each of five different bright colors of embroidery floss and made 10 strands.  I made each strand 5 times the length of the chain so that I could make the extra into a tassel on the end.  Other than that, I followed the instructions perfectly.  Here are some closer up views...
 Close up of the tassel, didn't come out too bad.
So the next obsession was one of the thousands I've found while perusing the amazingly talented and always inspiring (not to mention girl crush worthy!) ...love Maegan.  I'm a little obsessed with safety pins so when I saw this, I stopped dead in my tracks and started drooling. (She also shows you how to style it like a necklace as well, and it could easily be made into a choker and matching cuff....)
Seriously, how amazing is that belt???  Here's my version:
The only difference is that I used 1-1/2" elastic and 2" safety pins.  I still need to sew down the velcro to reinforce it so that it doesn't un-stick.
Close up.  Love safety pins.  So much.

So there you have it!  And if you haven't checked out their blogs, you are seriously missing out!  They are always inspiring and absolutely amazing women!


  1. the belt is just so easy and so fab!!! nice job on the necklace too! {and thanks for the link love ;}

  2. I love your necklace with a tassel! Great job! Love the colors you picked too, just right for the spring and summer.

    I'm your newest follower. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks Maya! I love it so much too! And thanks for the follow!


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