Thursday, June 19, 2014

My June Darby Smart To DIY For Box ~ Unwrapped

Hi lovelies!  I wanted to start something new here on SnS.  Normally, I review my monthly beauty subscription boxes and you guys seem to love them!  So I thought I'd also share my monthly craft subscription boxes too!  As much as I love coming up with my own DIYs, sometimes I need a break from thinking and using my brain and just want to craft and make things.  So this is the first one I've received this month, it's Darby Smart's monthly To DIY For box.  If you're not familiar with Darby Smart, it's a unique concept.  Designers (such as myself!  Check out my kits here and here) come up with projects, and Darby Smart turns them into a DIY kit for people to buy!  There's also a monthly 'surprise' DIY box, which I absolutely love and am sharing here today.  Check out what the projects were!  {Click to keep reading!}

June's box was an extra surprise - there were 2 projects!  The first, above is for an agate stone cuff.

The second was a t-shirt yarn headband!  I'm obsessed with this yarn, and cannot wait to make more things with it! (Pssst ~ if you want some of this yarn, check out her etsy shop here)

The kit comes with a code you enter on Darby Smart's how-to page, and it gives you all the instructions you need.

About a half hour later, I had these beauties!

I love the headband, it's so cute and was super fun to make.  The cuff is just gorgeous and is totally my style.  If you love DIY projects that are fun, easy, and really don't take long to make, I would recommend giving Darby Smart's To DIY For monthly mystery box a try!  PLUS ~ enter code FRIENDBUY and receive a $10 credit towards your first purchase!

Have you tried any of Darby Smart's kits?  What was your experience?


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