Friday, June 6, 2014

Julep Create Your Color + NYFW Sweepstakes!

Hi lovelies!  When Julep reached out to me about its Create Your Color contest, I couldn't wait to share some of my inspiration with you!  I think every woman would die for the chance to create (AND NAME!) her own nail polish.  While we all could imagine endless "perfect colors", I wanted to go further and think of a polish that totally does not exist.  I mean, what better way to really nail it?  It didn't take long to think of some inspiration.

My heritage is (half) Greek, and I've grown up on the East Coast, so it's natural that I'd be inspired by Greece and its coasts.

Inspired by Greece

What I love the most is the sparkling, almost iridescent shades of blue, offset by the stark white and tan tones.  My polish would be a Greek blue base with duochrome so it would look lighter and darker but would also change to a tannish hue.  It would also have silver, gold, and an iridescent microglitter so it would shimmer like the ocean.  Sounds insane, right?  But wouldn't it be the perfect color? It would be named after me, naturally, Amalia. (ahhm-ahh-lee-ahh){rhymes with mama mia}

What would your color be?  You can peruse some of Julep's existing colors in its Color Library.

Now.  The fun stuff.  You can help me create my own color by clicking below and entering Julep's Sweepstakes to win a trip for 2 to NYC for NYFW and a $5K shopping spree!  It's a total win-win, right?



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